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Press Release: Preferred Equity Investment

Gelt Financial Announces Funding of a Preferred Equity Investment in Miami

DELRAY BEACH, FL (May 5, 2021) – Gelt Financial, a leading commercial real estate investor, announced the closing of a preferred equity investment on a 16-unit Multifamily property in Miami, FL.

Gelt was able to provide a preferred equity investment to the property owners to complete property renovations including interior unit renovations as well as property common area upgrades.

Gelt is strategically deploying preferred equity investments and mezzanine financing in the $100K-$2MM range, a market that is increasingly being overlooked as most investors do not want to write smaller checks,” said Noah Miller. "We are targeting the smaller checks that have become extremely hard to find".

About Gelt Financial

Gelt Financial is a nationwide commercial real estate lender and investor. Gelt invests up and down the capital stack and provides First Mortgages, Mezzanine Financing, Preferred Equity, JV Equity and Direct Equity. Gelt invests in all types of commercial real estate, including but not limited to multifamily, manufactured housing, office, retail, warehouse, industrial, self-storage, and mixed use.


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